Snowpushing Tires by ridebmx136
January 18, 2011, 7:41 pm
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Every year it seems like there is more and more snow on the ground.  It becomes more of a hassle to dig out the shovel and start clearing the driveway.  ATVs have become a popular way to get rid of the snow quickly.  All you need to do is hook up a plow to the front of the ATV and you’re moving way more snow than your shovel could ever dream of pushing.

You know that with snow come streets with less traction and you’ll need to have a good tire to keep you moving.  Interco offers the Reptile tire that has been one of the best tires we at POR have seen.  After personal use, we have seen that this tire can run with the best of them in other conditions and has the traction we need to move all the snow out of the way of our vehicles.  Check them out and let us know what tire you run for the snow.


The Perfect City Tire by ridebmx136
January 13, 2011, 5:31 pm
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Every year when the snow starts to melt I see more and more people out riding their ATVs.  Everyone gets spring fever and wants to get out again.  A problem that can come about is if you are out on the roads with a stock ATV you can get in trouble with your local law enforcement.  There are special regulations about ATV use on highways and city streets.  Take some time and find out what are the rules in your neck of the woods.

I was looking a little into the idea of having an ATV set up for street riding and thought it would be nice to get some street tires so I could cruise up and down the street with a smooth and quiet ride.  I was looking at all the street tires that are out there and I came across the GBC Afterburn Street Force tires.  They have almost the exact same tread as a normal car tire.  One thing that I liked was the flame details on the side walls.  You could be cruising down the road.  Everything we’ve heard about these tires is good.  I think they would be just the answer for any street use ATV.

What ATV Mud Tire is Right? by ridebmx136

It is starting to warm up little by little here in Northern Utah and it’s about time to get out riding again.  I want to get out as soon as possible.  I can’t wait until the snow has all melt and the ground has thawed and isn’t mushy anymore.  I need a good mud tire to help me still make it up the hill when there is snow and mud on the ground.

The best option would be a medium mud tire.  If you are going to the hassle of buying a different set of tires for mud riding you might as well get the best your bike can handle.  They will give you more traction than a basic mud tire but won’t require anything special done to your bike like the beefier tires would.

There is a rather big selection of mud tires on POR and after some quick research all the tires seem to do great on any terrain.  Looking at the tires there seem to be 3 main components that help you make your decision.

First is the tread depth.  1-1/8″ is the standard tread depth but you can find anything from 5/8″ on the GBC Gator to the 1-1/4″ on the Kenda Executioner.  The choice of tread depth really just depends on local conditions and personal preference.

The second thing to consider is the tread design.  The Gator seemed to win in the traction department.  It has over sized lugs that reach out over the center point of the tire.  The rest of the tires have a conserved tread that makes for easy clean up and you won’t have to worry about the tread getting plugged up and losing traction.  The Interco Swamp Lite has a unique tread as well as the STI Mud Trax XL.  Both have been said to keep traction and add a little flair to the tire.  I personally lean toward the ITP 589 tread design.

Next is the tire weight.  Most of the tires run about the same weight.  A couple standouts in weight were the Maxxis Zilla and the ITP Mud Lite XL.  You notice a little difference in tire weight and if you are looking for a littler ride those would be good options to consider.

All in all, mud tires are a treat to have when you head out before the ground is back to normal.  They will keep you riding all day and you won’t waste the afternoon trying to dig your bike out of a mud puddle.

Interco Black Mamba Mud ATV Tires by pureoffroad
Interco Black Mamba ATV Tires

Interco Black Mamba

Introducing the Brand New Extreme Mud ATV tires, the Interco Black Mamba.  The Black Mamba tires are very similar to the Gorilla Silverbacks.  For now they are available in 27×10-12 & 30×10-12 sizes. Both sizes measure 12.5 inches wide including the tread.  The Black Mamba’s tread depth is 1 3/4″  These are some MEAN looking tires! If you’re looking for the biggest baddest tire to put on your ATV this is one you’ll want to consider.  Check them out:

Maxxis Big Horn and Interco Reptile ATV Tires by pureoffroad
May 3, 2010, 5:50 pm
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We recently took a spring ride up the canyon to see how far we could get before getting stuck in the snow. Two of our machines are identical Honda Rubicon 500s one running the ever popular Maxxis Bighorn the other a set of Interco Reptile ATV Tires. We’ve run several sets of tires on these machines and so far these two are my favs. The Maxxis Big Horn have a cool look and seem to handle really well in all of  the conditions we’ve put them through. We’ve run a couple of sets of tires with a directional, somewhat paddle type tread designed for mud which I thought would handle better in snowy conditions, but side by side the Maxxis Big Horns seem to out perform in deeper snow. Of course there are many variables that come into play like the tuning of the machine, weight of the rider, experience of the rider, etc., but overall we’ve been pleased with their performance during the winter months.  The only complaint I might have about the big horns is that they slip a bit more on a muddy side slope than some atv tires – that, and everyone has them because they are a great tire. That’s not a bad thing, but if you like to have something a little different than all your buddies, you may want to check out this next tire I want to talk about.

Recently we put a set of 26/9/12 and 26/11/11 Interco Reptiles ATV Tires on one of our machines. We’ve run stock size, 10’s all around and 10’s front 12’s rear and the 9’s and 11’s interco is my favorite set up yet. The slightly larger size gave us the beefier look we wanted for the machine, feels more solid than stock, and of all the sets we’ve run, the interco reptile is the size that seems to handle the best without noticable loss in power due to larger tire size.  We have some rocky terrain where we live so a 6-8 ply atv tire is desirable so they will last on the sharp rocks. The downfall is the 6-8 ply atv tires often ride a bit rougher because of their stiff sidewalls. The Interco reptiles are a radial atv tire (also true of the bighorns) so despite their many plys, they are designed to ride smoother on our rocky roads.  I just like the way the radial tires handle better. Of course the radials cost more so if you use your machine so much or in conditions where the tires only last a season, maybe the radial isn’t right for you. Since we sometimes ride bikes, sometimes atv’s, our tires last a while so a good radial tire is worth the extra money. The Interco Reptiles have a cool aggressive tread pattern and so far have handled great in snow, mud and on the dirt road. I’m anxious to try them out in hot, dry rocky conditions to see how they fare on the rocks. The Reptile is similar to Interco’s Swamp Lite which from what I hear handle great on the rocks as the rubber is a bit softer compound than other atv tires so they tend to grip really well on the rocks. Overall, I’ve been really impressed with this tire and we love the look on our 4wheeler. If you want to get up close and personal with the Interco Reptile ATC Tires, check out our YouTube video here:

Interco Reptile ATV Tire Video

Brand new ATV Tires, EFX MotoMax Tires by pureoffroad

EFX Moto Max ATV Tires

Just released at the beginning of 2010, the EFX MotoMax tires are a brand new mud terrain tire designed for use in off-road conditions. The Bar lug design provides excellent paddle-like traction to pull you through impossible terrains. 1 inch deep lugs give your quad the aggressive look and feel and all the confidence you’ll need to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

– EFX ATV tires are sold individually.
– In most cases our Moto Max ATV tires ship out within 1 business day!
– EFX Moto Max Tires are an all new mud terrain tire.
– 6-ply rating provides outstanding puncture resistance.
– 1″ tread depth.

Here is a link where the Motomax tires can be viewed and purchased on our website:


 Just released for the fall of 2009 is the EFX Motogrip Radial ATV tires which are also DOT Approved.  We now have them in stock ready to ship.  These are an excellent all-terrain 6-ply durable radial ATV Tire!  The radial construction offers a smooth ride and gread handling.  DOT approved is an added bonus which is hard to find when shopping for new ATV Tires.  The Motogrip tires are available to fit both 14″ and 15″ ATV rims.  Get yours today! EFX Motogrip ATV Tires

EFX Motogrip ATV Tires

EFX Motogrip ATV Tires